FeudalTools v2 Changelog

2.2.11		2022-05-02
* Server Manager: Removed database name validation. Servers with non-standard database names are supported now

2.2.10		2021-09-27
* General: Updated server query library to support recent changes implemented by certain GSP

2.2.9		2021-06-18
* Payments: Improved error handling for failed/rejected transactions
* Payments: Disabled Polish "Przewely24" payment processor due to severe issues
* Legal: Change of business address

2.2.8		2021-03-21
* Dashboard: Now displaying database corruption warning when user tries to cancel certain running jobs
* Bridge Builder: Fixed wrong abort/crash message when bridge is constructed in negative altitude
* Server Manager: Fixed server stats collection issue, affecting trees/characters/accounts/objects charts

2.2.7		2021-02-08
* Map Exporter: Fixed clay tiles drawing as soil in map tilesets

2.2.6		2020-12-14
* Terrain Editor: Fixed terrain loading issue when guild names have special characters

2.2.5		2020-07-26
* Image Exporter: Fixed crash issue on maps that have no landmass in certain areas

2.2.4		2020-02-21
* Image Exporter: Increased memory limit to avoid crashes for servers with lots of terraformings
* Image Exporter: Fixed an issue that prevented Livemap images from being auto-updated

2.2.3		2020-02-07
* Image Exporter: Fixed wrong altitude/material display for tiles with collapsed mines
* Terrain Editor: Fixed wrong altitude/material display for tiles with collapsed mines
* Terrain Editor: Fixed switched up material assignment for rock and riverrock
* Accounts: Fixed premium accounts not expiring at their due date in some cases

2.2.2		2020-02-03
* General: Attempt to improve script stability during mass SQL operations
* Map Generator: Fixed a resource maps bug when sql file mode was used
* Map Generator: Fixed minor bug in map thumbnail generation
* Image Exporter: Fixed minor bug in Livemap image update procedure

2.2.1		2020-01-22
* Server Manager: Fixed an error if the database password had quote characters
* Server Manager: Fixed a bug that prevented deletion of old migrated Livemaps
* Custom Maps: Replaced old FAQ links with Knowledge Base link on job result page

2.2.0		2020-01-20
* New Feature: Added image exporter tool (Export heightmap, map image, tileset)
* Livemaps: All hosted Livemaps were migrated to v3
* Terrain Editor: Added 'raise/lower terrain by' function to terraforming tool
* Terrain Editor: Added loose snow and all minerals/ores to materials list
* Custom Maps: Map image drawing is now based on livemap tileset graphics
* Custom Maps: Map image lighting/shadowing is now vertical only
* Custom Maps: Lowered minimum gold spawn altitude by 10% of max height
* Custom Maps: Fixed minor flaw in slope/rock generation
* Map Patches: Render new land on existing server map image
* Map Uploads: Fixed a bug in png grayscale format detection
* DB Maintenance: Added function to disband all alliances
* Server Manager: Added button to reset statistics
* News: Minor visual enhancements for the newsfeed
* General: Replaced FAQ Page with dedicated knowlegde base (external)
* General: Replaced contribute/donation with commercial premium membership
* General: Added Terms & Conditions
* General: Added Legal Disclosure
* General: Minor code enhancements, updated javascript libraries and dependencies

2.1.7		2019-11-13
* Server Manager: Added version switch for Livemap v3.0 beta

2.1.6		2019-08-22
* Tradeposts Mod: Updated server-side mod. For details see http://nyuton.net
* Server Manager: Improved scavenging of old statistics, slightly improving chart loading speed
* Donations: Disabled reoccurring payments option

2.1.5		2019-06-30
* Server Manager: Display assigned name in dashboard instead of server address
* Custom Maps: Slightly improved map generator logging
* Minor code changes to ensure compatibility with PHP 7.2

2.1.4		2019-06-10
* DB Maintenance: Removed 'expired character wounds' option
* Map Refresh: Added verification for valid GeoIDs during admin lands processing

2.1.3		2019-05-30
* Map Patches: Added 1 new patch for the original map (Fjords)

2.1.2		2019-03-29
* Terrain Editor: Fixed an issue causing geo patch version mismatches

2.1.1		2019-03-24
* Map Patches: Added 2 new patches for the original map
* Custom Maps: Decreased minimum clay spot altitude from 8 to 2.5m

2.1.0		2019-03-21
* Terrain Editor: Added guild monument positions (red dot)
* Terrain Editor: Added radial selection tool
* Terrain Editor: Added indication of area size when selecting cells
* Terrain Editor: Added tool to clear tiles from trees and objects
* Terrain Editor: Added tile colors and cell-info name for all missing materials
* Terrain Editor: Removed all 'beta' tags
* Map Patches: Added 3 new patches for the original map
* Map Patches: Adjusted valid ranges for min/max map and beach altitudes
* Map Patches: Resources can now be configured
* Newsfeed: Excluded more MMO patch notes from the feed
* Donations: Added option for instant activation

2.0.9		2019-03-03
* Terrain Editor: Fixed an issue displaying wrong altitude on certain tiles

2.0.8		2019-02-02
* Map Uploads: Changed minimum landmass percentage from 30% to 5%
* Custom Maps: Fixed possible crashes during resource distribution on very flat maps
* Custom Maps: Fixed issue in map deployment for maps with no terrain in certain TerrainBlocks
* Custom Maps: Enhanced JPEG quality of substance maps produced
* Map Refresh: Fixed crash when trying to delete certain buildings with named containers
* Terrain Editor: Fixed UI bug that prevented editing black tiles (deep water)

2.0.7		2019-01-22
* Tradeposts Mod: Released new server-side mod. For details see http://nyuton.net
* DB Maintenance: Fixed rare crash when deleting banned characters

2.0.6		2019-01-07
* Accounts: Slightly increased max jobs per day for everyone and significantly increased it for supporters

2.0.5		2018-12-28
* Accounts: Fixed wrong display of permissions for regular users for bridge builder and region editor
* Newsfeed: Excluded all MMO patch notes from the feed
* Newsfeed: Reduced total number of items

2.0.4		2018-12-05
* Custom Maps: Fixed a bug that made user maps unpublishable after changing map settings

2.0.3		2018-12-01
* Bridge Builder: Fixed an error crashing bridge jobs on fresh (empty) servers
* Terrain Editor: Display correct material name instead of substance ID in cell info
* Terrain Editor: Added cell colors for loose clay, steppe soil and rock
* Terrain Editor: Removed some debug output to JS console
* Downloads: Added Grimrock III single player savegame

2.0.2		2018-11-24
* Terrain Editor: Fixed an issue where no cells were edited when too many edits were queued
* Terrain Editor: Fixed rare out-of-memory crash
* Map Refresh: Added proper error messages for invalid GeoIDs in area restrictions
* Map Refresh: Minor code and logging enhancements

2.0.1		2018-11-20
* Map Refresh: Fixed a crash when trying to delete unmovable objects inside claims
* Custom Maps: Decreased frequency of progress updates in the logfile for terrain generation
* Statistics: Added terrain editor to jobs history chart

2.0.0		2018-11-18
* Complete redesign of the website
* New Feature: Terrain Editor
* New Feature: Region Editor
* New Feature: Added newsfeed to the home page
* Server Manager: Added server map image
* Server Manager: Removed redundant livemap configuration options
* Server Manager: Tradepost mod's download links are always displayed
* Server Manager: Added link to Tradepost mod's full guide
* Server Manager: Added YO version information
* Server Manager: Moved statistics to a separate, dedicated page
* Server Manager: Added tree types chart to the forest tab
* Server Manager: Added accounts counter graph to the characters chart
* Server Manager: Added quarter and half-year timescales
* Server Manager: Removed day scale from all charts except online players
* Custom Maps: Removed 'like' counter from community map lists
* Custom Maps: Added slideshow of new, popular and random maps to the category page
* Custom Maps: Added Hazel and Juniper trees to the initial forest population
* Custom Maps: Resource maps are now JPG format and archived to a single ZIP file
* Custom Maps: Fixed a bug that made user maps unpublishable after they were cycled back to private
* Forestry Script: Amount of trees spawned is now listed in jobs result page
* Forestry Script: Improved job progress percentage accuracy
* Forestry Script: Increased maximum average quality from 90 to 99
* Forest XML Generator: Added 'my servers' and 'my maps' to the background map selection
* Bridge Builder: Added new bridge type: Stone Arch Bridge
* Bridge Builder: The UI now always uses the map image from the server manager
* Bridge Builder: Added protection against bridges being built underwater
* Bridge Builder: Added GeoID numbers (1, 2) to the locations marked on the map
* Bridge Builder: Fixed a rare bug that led to miscalculation of the bridge height
* Hosted Livemaps: Newly livemaps use the map image from the server manager by default
* Dashboard: Crashed jobs now report their crash status immediately
* Dashboard: You can view the results and see the logfile of a crashed job
* Statistics: Excluded failed jobs from the map popularity charts
* Donations: Key duration is now adjusting to the value sent (in steps of 3 months)
* General: You can 'stay logged in' from multiple devices or browsers now
* FAQ: Updated some text and added section for hosted livemaps

FeudalTools v1 Changelog

1.9.7		2018-09-16
* Map Refresh: Fixed another crash when deleting unmovable objects

1.9.6		2018-09-14
* Map Refresh: Fixed possible crash when deleting unmovable objects

1.9.5		2018-09-11
* Bridge Builder: Fixed a crash while creating admin lands with the recent LiF patch

1.9.4		2018-09-10
* Custom Maps: Fixed error on map deployment if map name has special characters in it

1.9.3		2018-09-05
* Map Refresh: Compatibility fixes for LiF:YO 1.4.x patch
* DB Maintenance: Compatibility fixes for LiF:YO 1.4.x patch
* Tradeposts Mod: Released new server-side mod for compatibility with LiF:YO 1.4.x patch

1.9.2		2018-09-03
* Server Manager: Fixed broken tradepost client mod download link
* Map Refresh: Added advanced options that allow restricting the target area to certain territories
* Map Refresh: Protecting guild claims can now be disabled
* Statistics: Added 'Tradepost Mod Activity' charts tracking daily trades

1.9.1		2018-08-16
* Server Manager: Fixed a bug that prevented activating tradeposts due to permissions error
* Bridge Builder: Fixed position offset when using the map to point on locations in Mozilla Firefox
* Statistics: Added Bridge Builder jobs to the charts

1.9.0		2018-08-14
* New Feature: Bridge Builder (Tools & Scripts) 
* New Feature: Tradepost Mod (Server Manager)
* Dashboard: Added Job ID column to jobs list
* Tools: Added 'delete claimless guilds' option to Database Maintenance tool
* Donations: Fixed an error page that was displayed after PayPal transaction completed
* Server Manager: Added Server ID to Server Manager table and details page 
* Server Manager: Improved error messages displayed when trying to add a server to Server Manager

1.8.5		2018-07-13
* Server Manager: Added geoblocking for Chinese gameserver ip addresses.
* Server Manager: Removed all *beta* taggings from statistics tracker. Feature is stable.
* General: Code preparations to support a new mod (t.b.a. soon) 

1.8.4		2018-04-17
* Tools: Fixed another potential issue in admin and personal claims area calculation in map refresh script
* Statistics: Replaced all Google Charts with their ChartJS counterparts
* Server Manager: Implemented auto-deletion of servers that are offline for more than 30 days.

1.8.3		2018-04-10
* Server Manager: Reduced data density for day-charts from 6 to 30 minute intervals
* Server Manager: Increased data density for week-charts from 6 to 3 hour intervals
* Server Manager: Fixed several visual issues in uptime charts
* Downloads: Added 'Archipel Two' and 'Volcano' map savegames for Single Player mode
* General: Backend code improvements

1.8.2		2018-04-06
* General: Fixed login issue after Steam made changes to their OpenID provider
* Statistics: Replaced job history chart with a stacked bar chart of processed jobs by type

1.8.1		2018-04-05
* Tools: Fixed a bug that caused database cleanup script to crash under certain conditions
* Custom Maps: Added proper error message for non-working 'like' button when not logged in

1.8.0		2018-03-30
* New Feature: A selection of popular Custom Maps are available for Single Player (Downloads page)
* New Feature: Database Maintenance scripts implemented (Tools & Scripts page)
* New Feature: Server Monitoring & Statistics implemented (Server Manager)
* Server Manager: Added dedicated server details page, replacing all forms for server 
		  configuration and livemap settings
* Server Manager: Fixed a bug that prevented server deletion in certain situations
* Accounts: Automated supporter account key dispatching. They're sent instantly now
* Accounts: Made key duration stackable. Applying multiple keys will add up the time
* Accounts: Implemented function to delete own account
* Livemaps: Fixed a bug where livemap data was not deleted from server when a server was deleted
* Livemaps: Matched default permissions for new hosted livemaps with dedicated livemaps
* Downloads: Added TTmod (Livemap Server-Mod) link
* Downloads: Added a few downloadable Custom Maps for single player games
* General: No login required to browse map lists and tools/scripts page anymore
* General: Moved original map patches to Tools & Scripts page
* General: Renamed 'Map Generator' page to 'Custom Maps'
* General: Updated Privacy Policy
* General: Fixed a bug that allowed running multiple jobs on the same server simultaneously
* General: Many minor UI and text enhancements
* Tools: Fixed broken personal and admin lands protection in map refresh script
* Tools: Minor UI/form improvements for map refresh script
* FAQ: Updated Server Manager FAQ

1.7.5		2018-03-24
* Tools: Fixed a problem in weather XML generator, missing some new XML information

1.7.4		2018-03-10
* Added links to Support Forums in navigation, footer and relevant pages.

1.7.3		2018-02-16
* Tools: Fixed a bug causing wrong admin lands area calculation in map refresh script
* Tools: Added harnished horse carts to list of ignored objects in map refresh script
* Statistics: Limited pie chart for user map deployments (all time) to display top 10 only

1.7.2		2018-01-02
* Tools: Added option to protect admin lands from map refresh

1.7.1		2017-11-18
* Map Generator: Fixed missing beach altitude slider in original map patches deployment form.
* Dashboard: Fixed visual glitch when no servers were added to Server Manager yet.

1.7.0		2017-11-03
* New Feature: Added ability to place swamp, steppe soil and forest soil through substance maps
* New Maps: Utropia, Oasis, Belleview
* Map Generator: Added settings page for uploaded maps where map name, status, resource defaults,
		 available forest algorithms and altitude restrictions can be configured.
* Map Generator: Added 'beach altitude' setting to map generator and upload page
* Map Generator: Removed 'Map Name' in heigtmap upload form. A random name will be assigned.
* Map Generator: Added 'inverted slope-based' forest algorithm
* Map Generator: Added option to generate no random forest soil and rely entirely on substance map
* Map Generator: Added heightmap analysis and map details to job results page after a new
		 heightmap was uploaded.
* Map Generator: Replaced most numeric input boxes by sliders
* Map Generator: Lowered minimum amount of all resources to 1k and clay to zero
* Map Generator: Increased maximum amount of slate from 400k to 500k
* Map Generator: The download button of images generated after map deployment now gives an acutal
		 file download instead of opening the image in the browser
* Map Generator: Fixed a bug that ignored resource configuration for user uploaded maps
* Map Generator: Fixed a bug that occasionally placed pieces of higher elevated terrain near cliffs
* Tools: Added option to protect personal claims from map refresh script
* Tools: User-created maps can now be selected as background in the Forest XML Generator
* General: Plenty of minor text and UI corrections and changes
* FAQ: Updated Custom Maps FAQ

1.6.2		2017-10-10
* Tools: Updated map refresh script to work with the latest game update
* Tools: Fixed minor bug in map refresh script when processing original map modifications

1.6.1		2017-10-01
* General: Renamed project to Feudal Tools for legal reasons. Old URLs are redirected.
* General: Added a privacy policy link to the page footer.
* General: Fixed a font problem in Internet Explorer.
* Downloads: Removed "Minimap Updater Script" since it's obsolete with the latest LiF:YO update.
* FAQ: Updated FAQ to match the current state of the game in Patch
* Map Generator: Fixed minor bug that could cause an infinite loop at 0.75% during hotspot
		 location finding.

1.6.0		2017-08-16
* New Feature: Livemaps with built-in RCON features can be spawned for each server added to 
               the Server Manager. They're hosted on the TerraTool server.
* Server Manager: Raised connection timeout for gameserver database.
* Map Generator: Added like button and counter to user-created map lists.
* Map Generator: Added sorting and ordering function to official and user-created map lists.
* Map Generator: Added link to full-size image on map distribution page.
* Map Generator: Visual overhaul for official and user created map lists.
* Statistics: Added counter for hosted livemaps
* Accounts: Fixed supporter account expiry bug
* Login: Updated feature list/description on landing page
* Login: Added 'keep me logged in' option to login page
* Tools: Forestry Script should now work for everyone, regardless of database configuration
* Visual improvements: Changed website font and added some icons

1.5.3 		2017-07-16
* Tools: Added credit link for tree icons on forestry script and forest xml generator pages-
* Tools: Fixed issue in forestry script causing a crash at 5%  under certain conditions.
* Added proper login error message when the Steam API is down.

1.5.2 		2017-06-14
* Map Generator: Fixed missing error message when trying to upload a heightmap that exceeds the 8 MB limit.

1.5.1 		2017-06-07
* Server Manager: Fixed security vulnerability.

1.5.0 		2017-06-04
* New Feature: Forest Maintenance XML generator UI is available (Tools & Scripts).
* New Feature: Forestry Script is available (Tools & Scripts).
* Server Manager: Fixed Internet Explorer compatibility issue.
* Map Generator: Slightly increased resource distribution performance.
* Dashboard: An information notice will be shown after login if TerraTool had an update since last visit.
* Tools: Main page now indicates whether database access is needed for each tool or script.

1.4.6 		2017-05-22
* Statistics: Seperated map popularity pie charts for user maps and terratool maps.
* Statistics: Deployments of private user maps are not considered for map popularity charts anymore.
* Tools: Fixed bug in map refresh script that could delete terrain of patches for the original
         map when certain conditions were met.

1.4.5 		2017-05-15
* Map Generator: Fixed an issue where some users weren't permitted to upload heightmaps 'due to account status'
* Tools: Removed the entire "clearing obsolete records" from the map refresh script, as it had too many issues
* Tools: Fixed minor issue in map refresh script where the biome border bugfix routine would skip some tiles
* Tools: Fixed minor issue in map refresh script that would let players join a refreshed server too early
* Updated FAQ & Troubleshooting page to match the current state of TerraTool

1.4.4 		2017-05-12
* Tools: Fixed issue in map refresh script that would make some paved flattened tiles appear unflattenend

1.4.3 		2017-05-10
* Map Generator: Fixed minor issue in custom map database template that would allow joining freshly installed
       		 custom map server too early.

1.4.2 		2017-05-09
* Account: Added missing activation and expiry timestamp for elevated account types
* Tools: Fixed an issue in map refresh script with servers that have a very low number of claims.
* Error message will display correct limit once daily job quota was reached
* Sadly had to add a blacklist / ban system

1.4.1 		2017-05-08
* Tools: Fixed mod compatibility issue in map refresh script.

1.4.0 		2017-05-07
* New Feature: Map refresh script is available to all supporters (Tools & Scripts)
* Map Generator: New method to inject custom map base terrain files has been implemented
* Map Generator: World ID is no longer needed for custom map SQL file distribution mode
* Map Generator: Maps that have not been tested can't be published anymore
* Map Generator: Added basic quality check for uploaded maps. Maps that don't pass the quality check won't be sharable.
* Map Generator: Slightly reduced gold occourance terrain height limit
* Map Generator: Overhaul/Adjustments for some of the TerraTool official maps
* Map Generator: Original map modifications can't be applied on servers with custom maps anymore
* Map Generator: Original map modifications can't be applied if they have already been installed on that server anymore
* Map Generator: Improved tree distribution routine for faster direct map deployment to oversea servers
* Map Generator: Fixed wrong counter for "My Uploaded Maps" on category selection page when own maps were published
* Map Generator: Fixed a bug that placed some trees on rock on rare occasions
* Statistics: Fixed 'User Map' sorting order for map popularity pie charts
* Downloads: Added universal terrain replacer files for custom maps
* Accounts: Added note for users with private Steam profile to the 'Steam Trusted' explanation tooltip
* Accounts: Daily job quota for map uploads was seperated from the other jobs
* Tools: XML generator will output formatted files (with linebreaks) instead of a one-liner
* Fixed missing icon for error messages
* Some minor UI enhancements

1.3.1 		2017-04-23
* Slightly improved progress percentage precision for map simulation jobs.
* Fixed an issue with 'The Umbrella' map modification related jobs not starting.
* Fixed minor internal issue where some graphics weren't removed from server when a map was deleted.

1.3.0 		2017-04-22
* New Feature: Added ability to upload own maps to TerraTool and distribute them to servers.
* New Feature: Added ability to share uploaded maps with the community.
* Map Generator: Added new modification for the original map: The Umbrella
* Map Generator: Seperated this page in 4 categories:
	- TerraTool Official Maps
	- User Created Maps
	- My Uploaded Maps
	- Original Map Patches
* Map Generator: Max. altitude range for custom maps extended 25 meters in each direction (now 125.0 - 375.0)
* Map Generator: Minimum altitude for original map patches increased from 30.0 to 50.0 meters.
* Map Generator: Made forest soil algorithm selectable for original map modifications too.
* Statistics: Added 2nd pie chart to display trending maps (data of last 7 days). Added 'user map' slices to both charts.
* Dashboard: In job list, 'Time added' will show local user time instead of server time.
* Downloads: Added note about minimap uninstallation. Minor text/instructions edits.
* General: Increased max. daily jobs for Free User with trusted Steam status to 5 and for Supporters to 20.

1.2.2 		2017-04-11
* Map Generator: Fixed an issue in SQL files created for custom maps.

1.2.1 		2017-04-09
* Server Manager: Fixed a rare issue where it wasn't possible to delete certain servers.
* Map Generator: Fixed an issue with SQL file distribution method. File did not contain essential procedures and functions.
* Map Generator: Removed some more unnecessary procedures and fuctions from custom map database template.
* General: Added 'About TerraTool' introduction and feature summary to Login page.

1.2.0 		2017-04-07
* New Feature: Modifications for the original map are available to everyone now.
* New Custom Map: Wishbone map has joined the collection.
* Map Generator: Algorithm to distribute forest soil has been reworked. Two options are available to select from.
* Map Generator: Amount of ALL resources can be customized in deployment options now.
* Map Generator: Reworked the entire resource distribution routine, which is very precise now.
* Map Generator: Average quality of ore spots has been lowered slightly.
* Map Generator: Visual overhaul for terrain graphics generated. Using darker colors and stronger relief.
* Map Generator: Database template for custom maps will no longer add procedures from "patch.sql" to the database, since this
  could cause permission related issues after game patches in case the game and TerraTool use different database user accounts.
* Map Generator: Updated landmass percentage information of all maps to their actual value (previous were estimates).
* Map Generator: Updated server startup instructions to match the new minimum dayCycle since LiF:YO patch
* Server Manager: Added advise to use the same database user accounts for TerraTool and the gameserver.
* General: Added history of daily jobs and map popularity charts to statistics page.
* General: Jobs will auto-archive after two weeks instead of one.
* General: Minor text enhancements.

1.1.2 		2017-03-29
* Performance optimization for the Dashboard.
* Added tooltips with explanations to server status servers with unknown/original map in Server Manager.
* Added tooltip with explanation of World ID when using SQL file distribution mode for custom map.
* Addressed animal spawn and navigation issues for custom maps on troubleshooting page.
* Re-implemented statistics and system status on separate page. Added link in page footer.
* Added some additional informative output to the mapgenerator logfile.
* Minor text enhancements.

1.1.1 		2017-03-26
* Fixed a bug that crashed the process at 97.2% when trying to patch Nyu Island onto a
  server that was just created or wiped.
* Fixed minor issue regarding user permissions

1.1.0 		2017-03-25
* Visual overhaul for page header and navigation.
* New experiemental feature: 
	- Original Map Patches category was added to Map Generator.
	- Currently, early access available for Supporter/VIP accounts only. (Testing!)
* New feature:
	- Random weather.xml generator is available at new category 'Tools & Scripts'
* Added: Server Manager will show map name in server list if database is connected.
	- Note: This works with maps that have been created with TerraTool 1.0.1 or later.
* Added: Amount of clay pits and max. altitude can now be customized in map deployment options.
* Added: Tooltips with explainations for some map customization options.
* Fixed a bug where SQL file distribution method was disabled when it shouldn't be.

1.0.5 beta	2017-03-23
* Jobs will auto-archive after one week.
* Added proper info to SQL file distribution method option when it is disabled due to account status.
* Updated limitations to be more precise regarding map generator features on Account page.
* Fixed wrong screenshot shown in server startup instructions after map deployment.
* Fixed a rare bug related to canceling running jobs.
* Lots of changes in backend and mapgenerator in preparation for upcoming features.

1.0.4 beta	2017-03-18
* Fixed a bug that cause the map generator to not create server terrain files after map deployment under certain conditions.

1.0.3 beta	2017-03-18
* End of closed beta. No key required to login anymore.
* Moved key activation from login page to account page to apply Supporter/VIP keys.
* Added new map to map generator: Exile.
* Slightly simplified server startup instructions after map deloyment.
* Updated server startup instructions to be compatible with multi-server environments.
* Removed all minimap downloads and provided an updater script (See downloads page)
* Some visual UI enhancements all over the place.

1.0.2 beta	2017-03-17
* Maps can now be written to a downloadable SQL file instead of writing to gameserver database directly.
* Added an information regarding multi server environments on top of job results page.
* Added FAQ & Troubleshooting page with some questions/answers and problem solutions accumulated so far.
* Minor text improvements.

1.0.1 beta	2017-03-14
* Added changelog and link to development blog on page footer.
* Removed status line in page footer, as it was misleading. It will return in some other way.
* Added proper status/error message to jobs that failed due to insufficient database permissions.
* Increased time limits for map generator. Map deployments to servers on other continents should now complete.
* Added table with generic map information to target databases on map deployment. This might be important for future features.
* Added hints/warnings to make sure the server is not running during map deployment process.
* Fixed an issue related to deleting servers with existing jobs in dashboard.
* Minor text improvements.

1.0.0 beta	2017-03-11
* First initial version
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