A collection of common downloads related to FeudalTools and Livemaps

Server Terrain Files for Custom Maps

These are the terrain replacer files for custom map servers.
They're needed to successfully load a custom map server after:

Download the Server Terrain Files and unpack it into your LiF:YO server main directory. Overwrite existing files.

TTmod (Server-Mod)

TTmod is a scripting mod for LiF:YO Dedicated Servers.
You can find all details and the latest version of TTmod on nyuton.net

Custom Maps for Single Player

A selection of popular Custom Maps has been made available to use with Single Player games.
Installation and setup is completely different from dedicated servers.
The only way to play these maps in Single Player is downloading one of the following pre-made savegames.
All maps have been generated with default altitude and resource settings.

Archipel Two Savegame by MickeyJoke
Grimrock III Savegame by Ulrik
Riverside Savegame
Volcano Savegame
Wishbone Savegame

Setup is fairly simple. Unpack the downloaded zip file into your LiF:YO game directory.
You will then find the savegame in the "Create A World" mode after restarting your game.
Savegames are named after their respective maps.
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